Weding Photography has a new trend – Colored Smoke Bombs

Everyone likes something unique for the own wedding, like the One Wedding Cake, The One Wedding Dress,…and very important unforgettable unique Wedding Photos. If you are looking for something special, so take Smoke Bombs.

You can buy them in different colors, matching your wedding dress or wedding design, they are easy to use and look spectacular. Colored smoke bombs can add a creative and fun burst of color to wedding photos. You can create romantic pics with soft colors but also put more mystery and power to the photo with strong colors. And – your guests will love them as well!

The trend has started in the United States and has already reached Europa. If you want to be ahead of the crowd when it really takes off here, so tell this idea to your wedding photographer. Smoke bombs can be bought online, for example at

See some photographs below as inspiration.


Colorful smoke for a romantic or mysterious backround

Sorce: Brit Morin

Enjoy watching a Smoke Bomb photo shooting