1. Returning Attire

Always be sure to return any formal rental clothing as soon as possible, for you are likely to incur late charges. Also, be certain that all items are clean.


  1. Taking Websites Offline

If you have utilised any websites or stand-alone social media pages to promote the wedding, be sure to take them offline. You could otherwise create unnecessary confusion.


  1. Surname Changes

Should you plan on changing your last name, it is wise to contact all relevant governmental agencies so that any paperwork is in order in advance. This will help to avoid hassles further down the line.


  1. Personal Accounts

It is not uncommon for the bride and groom to consolidate the majority of their financial holdings. Look into the required procedures to deal with bank accounts, utility bills, mortgages and rental agreements v9wc2wk.


  1. Thanking Your Guests

While this may not be your top priority, be sure to place thank-you notes on your to-do list. It is best to tackle this a little at a time; particularly if you had invited a large number of guests to your wedding.

Thnk-you cards

Thnk-you cards

  1. Addressing Caterers and Other Third-Party Providers

It is likely that you utilised the expertise of third-party firms to help your wedding in Marbella come together. It is wise to review their services and to provide them with (hopefully) positive comments. This will help them to generate new business and they will greatly appreciate your input.


  1. Organising and Ordering a Wedding Album

In the majority of cases, a wedding album will be included as part of a professional photography service. This can take some time to put together, so spend a day or two with your significant other to select the images that you both prefer.


  1. Exchanging Gifts

There can be times when you have received duplicate or unwanted gifts during your wedding in Spain. Attempt to return these items as soon as possible, for there is likely a limitation in regards to the allowable time frame for a refund.


  1. Wedding Decorations

There is no reason that the decorations utilised on the day of your wedding in Marbella have to be placed into the rubbish bin. Examine these items in greater detail and find the ones that may still serve a purpose. You may be surprised at what you encounter!


  1. Returning Unused Wedding Items

You may find that certain items were not used during the wedding itself. Bags of balloons, embroidered napkins, bottles of wine and even plastic cutlery can all be returned to the original vendors. This will help to cut down on clutter an provide you with a bit of extra cash for the year ahead.