You can find many great options for printed save-the-dates invitations out there but if you’re looking for a fun way to announce the date of your wedding to friends and family, then you may want to create a Save the Date wedding video.

Not only is it fun and modern, but it can be sent via email or embedded in your wedding website to save on postage.

As you will see, all of our choosen Save The Date wedding videos, from an epic save-the-date blockbuster to a sweet stop-motion video, are fantastic examples that are filled with lots of fun ideas that you could use in your own Save The Date video.

You’re really only limited by your imagination and whether or not you have access to a video camera.

But the best and easiest way is to hire an videographer, he will inspire you with ideas of their own as well.

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Check out some of our favorite videos:

Do you want a ‘save the date’ that is truly unique and that tells the story of your love? – Custom Wedding Invitation Video

An animated way to share your love story and tell your guests to save the date for your big day! Use it as a save the date, an invitation or an itinerary video for your wedding

Ginu & Amaya Wedding …A romantic Save The Date Video created By Studio Mahal Weddings

Would you ever send a video save-the-date to your guests? If you’re as creative as these couples, we hope so!

Nothing is better than a day at the beach and when its raining. Rijith & Sona expresses their love in the midst of the confetti from the sky

A really cute Motion Graphic Wedding Invitation video

The hottest thing at the moment is Stop Motion Save the Date videos. They are basically millions of images clicked together quickly, and put together to make it look like a video (you know how those flipbooks were there when we were kids)