Looking For That Special Dress?

Spanish wedding dress designers have showcased some of our favorite wedding dresses at the Barcelona bridal fashion show. With over 260 brands and bridal dresses on offer, the show is one of the highlights for any bride to be. Spain is the second biggest exporter in Europe for bridal dresses and for good reason. The Barcelona Fashion week showcased some of the biggest designers and trends that will be around in 2017. The bridal fashion show was attended by over 18000 visitors, including 600 journalists and having over 55000 streamers online.

Spanish wedding dress designers are at the forefront in high fashion and bridal design. For any future bride looking for their favorite wedding dresses, they should check out Barcelona fashion week photos for some in depth looks at Spanish designers.

Some famous designers who took part in Barcelona Fashion Week include:

Marco & María’s designs embrace two styles, Bride and Party which stand out for their exclusive embossing like taffetas, tulles, silks…Their most recent proposal for 2016 has brought to its creators the difficult task of bringing to current lines inspiration from the mid-nineteenth century, which is evident in their creations, but only shown in short strokes within them. As a hallmark of the firm, Marco & Maria link a current period with inputs from the past. The interiors of the gowns come to light, and the petticoats, that are normally hidden, are intuited between sheer fabrics.

Yolan Cris is a fashion-house based in Barcelona and specialized in haute couture wedding dresses and evening wear. Founded in 2005 by two sisters, Yolanda (1978) and Cristina (1979). Creative directors of the brand and currently Yolan Cris’s soul. The interest felt by Yolanda and Cristina in haute couture and bridal fashion world is a family heritage, their mother, pioneer in bridal business, taught them since they were children the well-done work and how to feel the magic world of wedding dresses.

Under a philosophy based on the demand for quality, all dresses from the Jesús Peiró firm are designed and manufactured entirely in Spain, creating collections where the quality of the finish, close to that of haute couture, is the keynote. The sophistication of the line, the harmony in the interplay of volumes and textiles, the superb care of the finish, always carried out by hand, the exclusive adornments and an elegant and refined style make up the identity of Jesús Peiró.

Isabel Sanchis is a company with two decades of experience in the costumes of ceremony moving the attention to detail to enhance every beautiful nuance of the woman who wears their designs. The obsession for detail is again visible in the Autumn/Winter Collection 2016/17

Isabel Zapardiez creates dresses full of character that never go out of fashion. Beauty is the starting point of her creations, unique and unrepeatable designs specially created for each woman. Femininity and elegance goes along with the designs. Feel a design full of feminine essence.

Matilde Cano is thinking of you like a modern and actual woman. She creates wedding dresses which enhance your figur with the touch of elegance.

Pronovias is an internationally renowned firm that dresses brides in more than 105 countries through a network of 123 stores. Spain is the world’s number two exporter of bridal fashion.

From the first sketches to the delivery of garments to the stores, the entire process is supervised by the design and product team. This traceability guarantees quality, excellence and application of best practices when creating each and every dress.